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About Us

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Home based services with a family centered approach supports the best treatment in the most comfortable environment. Megan co-creates goals with the family and trains family members on how to best support their child in a natural environment. 

Megan Couri offers individualized home based services for your convenience. Home based treatment provides less hassle, saves time, and avoids unnecessary exposure to other children.

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Our Vision

Pediatrics OT was established with a clear purpose: to provide comprehensive and convenient occupational therapy services tailored to individual needs. Through our work, we emphasize collaboration with parents to establish home-based goals and objectives, enabling easier transfer of skills to the child's natural environment while offering sensory diet and training for caregivers.

Our Mission

Pediatrics OT's mission is to provide the highest quality care and caregiver training within the most natural environment for the best generalization of life skills.

Our Team

Meet Megan!

Megan has been practicing Pediatric Occupational Therapy, (OT) for 23 years in various settings. She has worked in an outpatient pediatric hospital, Birth to Three, Early Intervention, Sensory Integration clinic, Pediatric Developmental Disability Hospital, & school systems.  Currently, she has worked in a public school in the special education preschool & grades K-5 for 10 years. Megan has a masters in Motor Control and Motor Learning as well as certifications in Sensory Integration.  

Megan has experience working with a variety of diagnoses such as Down Syndrome, Autism, ADD/ADHD, Developmental Delays, Sensory Processing and generalized motor delays. Megan has completed the Sensory Integration Certification, Handwriting without tears,  Visual perceptual and NDT courses.  

Megan Couri

Occupational Therapist

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