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Home based services with a family centered approach supports the best treatment in the most comfortable environment. Megan co-creates goals with the family and trains family members on how to best support their child in a natural environment. 

Megan Couri offers individualized home based services for your convenience. Home based treatment provides less hassle, saves time, and avoids unnecessary exposure to other children.

Our Specialities

Motor Coordination

Motor Coordination

Our motor coordination service for kids is designed to help children who have difficulty with coordination and dexterity.

Fine Motor Skills/Handwriting

Fine Motor Skills/Handwriting

Our fine motor skills help with the ability to perform precise movements with their hands and fingers.

Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration

We help individuals experiencing difficulties in processing and responding to sensory information

What Our Parents Are Saying

Meagan M

Megan has been a huge help to our family. Megan took the time to understand our concerns and empowered us with tools to support our child. In addition to the OT work, Megan became a partner with us and always took the time to check in with genuine care and interest.

Kathy C

Megan came to our preschool and ran a workshop for teachers. So informative. Her expertise in sensory strategies for the classroom was so helpful and easy to put into practice. She also touched on fine motor and took the time to answer teacher questions. We can't wait to have her back.”

Chloe S

Her approach is also unmatched in that she comes to your home for services (so convenient) and takes the time to really understand the full family environment and help you bring the skills/tools she teaches to make them work for your unique situation.

Astha M

Megan gave a thorough assessment at our daughter’s initial visit and she customizes each session according to our daughter’s needs. Our daughter has made significant progress since the beginning

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